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Casey Anthony: Center Stage Again


Casey Anthony Saga Continues

Lifetime Movie: “Prosecuting Casey Anthony.”
With the Lifetime Movie coming on soon, True Crime With Aphrodite Jones on Investigative Discovery channel is putting in their two-cents.

I believe Casey should take a long walk off a short pier, and she got away with murder. Giving this obvious attention seeking whoreish behavior attention is sort of like giving your 2 year old a sucker after they threw a 30 minute tantrum.

Jones says she’s

“trying to understand the verdict.”

She goes through the various lies Casey told and interviews Casey’s lawyer Jose “Bozo” Baez. I’m not sure what I’m more queezy about: Casey’s lies, Baez interview or the seriously awful reenactments.

Baez says Casey lived in a fantasy land, and if your 3 years old with imaginary friends that’s ok, but in her case it just wasn’t. Well hello captain obvious!

Some interesting pieces of info for you:

-Baez graduated law school in 1997, but wasn’t accepted into the Fl bar until 2005. In part this was for failure to pay child support.

-Caylee’s body was found less than 1/2 mile from the Anthony home.

-Baez said because he “got to know Casey” he believes “parts of her story.”

-Judge Strickland, who had to recuse himself from the case said he does not believe the case was overcharged.

-Baez said his biggest fear was losing Casey to the death penalty.

-Alot of people believe Baez was not equipped to defend Casey.

-The duct tape found on Caylee’s mouth was manufactured in Ohio and found in the Anthony home.

-Baez believed “the smell evidence” was junk science.

-Baez says this about the day Casey told him “the truth” about Caylee dying (drowning in the swimming pool) : She wanted to tell me so bad. When she did I could see she felt relieved. We locked eyes and she told me point by point what happened. It was a different Casey that day. She was bearing her soul.

-Part of the reason she was acquitted: We don’t know how Caylee died.

-After the verdict Baez says “he saved her life.”

-Jones says after analyzing this case, the jury made the right choice, but shes still angry when Casey is back in the media.

-January, 2012 a video diary “leaked” onto the web. Baez claims it was accidental.

-“So many “secrets” in that family, its believable that George may have been involved.” Quote from Jones.

Interesting perspectives.

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