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Oh Murt! The Politics Of Blogging!



Murt’s once again jumping into something he knows nothing about.

Radio and a few others on both sides are requesting Local Leaks either be removed or it’s rumors/mistakes be corrected.
Why? Well simply put Local Leaks has the names of innocent minors all over it.
(I’m using initals instead of names of these kids because it has been proven they were falsely accused)

M.S.- Accused of encouraging JD to go out to the first party out of revenge for a break up. It has now been proven she wasn’t in Ohio at the time. She was at a family reunion.

C.K.- Accused falsely because he’s the son of Jane Hanlin.

M.N.- Accused of participating. He might be a douche bag for making that video, but he was not present during the rape. He heard it second hand.

C.S.- Accused of setting J.D. up because she broke up with him.
He took the picture that night of Jane Doe and put it on Instagram, however there is no proof he participated in the rape. There was no “backroom deal” and no charges were filed against him.

Was there a cover up by Steubenville police Department and Jefferson County? Only time will tell. No one has ever come up with solid proof to confirm this.

Jane Hanlin- All I’m going to say about Jane is when she figured out there would be a conflict of interest, she requested The Ohio A.G’s office step in. Good idea.

I could go on and on.

Radio is attempting to do the right thing by getting it taken down. If it stays up it can affect the future of innocent people.

I wonder Murt, are you ok with keeping Local Leaks up?

Radio may not be successful getting this done. There’s a difference between posting false accusations on innocent young adults and using your right to free speech.

Why not be productive Murt and encourage it’s removal?


@Murtwitnessone Proves He’s Crazy

I think Murt has finally gone full on crazy! In the last day or so he’s claimed his girlfriend Brianne (Holly Brilley’s stalker) did not make certain comments on Radionewzblog. He claims Radio came out today and said Brianne couldn’t have made the comments. Radio never said this.

From Murt’s Blog Today- 


Holly lied? Isn’t it you lying Murt? 


This is the ENTIRE comment from Radio. NO WHERE does it say Brianne couldn’t have made the comment. 



SO MURT- What say you? I’ve been waiting for you to prove your theories, but it’s just proven you’re a liar and you’re crazy! 

The Funniest Thing From A Sad, Insane Man

All day Murt aka Murtwitnessone has gone back and forth claiming a couple comments posted on Radionewz.net wasn’t from Holly Briley’s stalker Brianne ChantalEven after proof was posted and Holly had a conversation “Roger’s Cable” Murt still claims Holly posted the comments in Brianne’s name. The only proof he’s actually posted is…well none. He claims with “WordPress” you can alter ip addresses. I can confirm you cannot. Any sane person can tell you this.

Roger’s Cable does not service the U.S. so it is actually impossible for Holly to use it to alter her ip.




This is a copy of the email radionewz receives when someone comments on her blog.

Face it Murt, your girlfriend betrayed you. SHE made the comments. YOU are wrong…and insane!

 Photos from Radionewz.net  

@Murtwitnessone- Ramblings of a Creepy Old Man


We all know who Murt is by now.

I reblogged a post by The Levi Page, and got a rambling incoherent answer whinning about everyone being out to get him.

He claims Michelle, Holly, Prinnie and most of all, his current nemisis RadioNewz Blog are all trying to frame him for missing child Haleigh Cummings.


Pt 2


Pt 2

Does he honestly believe RadioNewz (who’s from Georgia) kidnapped a child in Florida 5 years ago? He has even gone as far as contacting the FBI in Florida!



Screen Shots from. Radionewz.net


LEVI PAGE- Troll William Murtaugh uses murdered child Haleigh Cummings as a pawn in internet foolery!@Murtwitnessone

By- Levi Page

William Murtaugh a/k/a Murt, is no stranger to the internet true crime world. He is a known troll that is banned from crime forums such as Websleuths, and InSession. Murt started blogging during the 2006 case of missing Florida child Trenton Duckett and ever since then he has been engaging in sleazy behavior. What is most disgusting about Murt is that he often uses missing and murdered children and inserts himself into their case in order to get attention.

While blogging on the Trenton Duckett case, Murt used disgusting, attention seeking antics. Murt would show up on several blogs and forums claiming that on a certain date something “big” was going to happen. He made it seem like he was close to law enforcement and had inside sources. He would even “count down” the days… Well his bombshell turned out to be a dud and nothing happened. It was just typical sleazy Murt using a missing child case to get attention.

Now Murt is at it again. This time he is inserting himself into the case of murdered Satsuma, Florida girl Haleigh Cummings. Murt has accused a satire blogger that resides in Atlanta, GA of abducting the child. Why? Because this blogger often publishes satirical content about him.

How disgusting is that? Using a child that law enforcement says is a murder victim, and claiming a blogger that lives in a completely different state than where the child went missing, abducted her. Murt has even tweeted the FBI office in Jacksonville asking them to investigate RadioNewz.net.

This may be a game to you, but it is not a game to Haleigh’s family Murt. You have gone too far once again and are using a murdered child as a pawn in your internet drama. You are sick and disgusting and no different from John Mark

You are a troll that needs to be involuntarily committed. Get off the internet and seek psychological help, because you are in desperate need of it.

Article originally published by Levipageshow.com

Disgusting People


I usually do not address the disgusting people like Murt or Melissa Duprez aka Big Bombshell, however recent comments by both are making me quite disgusted.

Below are examples

Melissa Duprez commenting on Donna.

She starts with accusations of Donna pimping out her children.




She mentions the point of her “blog.” Melissa, the point of your blog is to make up shit and crawl up Murt’s ass!


She goes on to again make accusations not proven by Any means (I haven’t found the tweets at all!)



Wait so you now claim Murt did what?



Questioning again the credibility of a RAPE VICTIM.

You’ve NEVER ignored your SO-CALLED bully crew! In fact your entire blog is full of false accusations, whining and bitching and oh yea questioning the health of other bloggers.


You Melissa are a disgusting human being. I hope Donna does sue your ass!



Is This Someone Who wants Peace?

This afternoon I got a message on Twitter that Murtwitnessone wants peace. My conditions were simple:

1) Appologize to the other bloggers hes been defaming and harassing.

2) Remove everything on his blog that claims Anonymous are terrorists.

3) Appologize to KyAnonymous and Anonymous in general for the accusations hes been making.

I gave him 24 hours to do this. He wanted peace, this was his chance. I unblocked him so he can dm me and further negotioations. This is what I got:




Is this someone who wants to make peace? I don’t think so.

The clock is ticking Murt.

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