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Bullying and Suicide Nothing To Joke About

So many young people are dying because they are bullied. It could be in your hometown, state, or in your school. How many people watch the bullying and do nothing? How many schools just pass it off as kids being kids?


Gay teen Carlos Vigil, 17 of New Mexico, is the latest teenager to commit suicide because of relentless bullying. He was taken off life support on July 16,2013. He would’ve been a Senior at Albuquerque‘s Valley High School this fall.


Cray Cray Catherine Fitzpatrick Strikes Again!!! @catfitz


Catherine has a long history of harassing individuals who support the actions of Anonymous. Months back, I myself doxed Catherine because she was harassing a young girl who was having some mental health problems and talked about hurting herself. I figured after tangling with a few Anons, she would keep a lower profile with her criticism. I was very wrong.


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