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14-Year-Old Shoots His Sister Over Laundry #Oakland


17-year old Justice Toliver was shot at her apartment in Oakland’s Chinatown last week. The person who shot her? Her 14-year-old brother Mario. Why? According to their family Mario didn’t like how Justice used bleach on his laundry.

Mario was on the run for almost a week, but with the help of family members, Mario has turned himself in. He was booked into The Alameda Co. Juvenile Justice Center. The DA will now decide if Mario will be charged as an adult.

Justice leaves behind a 2-year-old daughter.

Los Angeles Times Op-Ed: Chris Dolan #JahiMcmath Family Attorney


Picture via la times

I am the attorney who answered a call for help from Jahi McMath’s family in December. I have represented them for free — starting 10 hours before the first order to turn off Jahi’s ventilator at Children’s Hospital Oakland — as they have fought for their right to make medical decisions for a beloved child.

Despite the incendiary, hateful public rhetoric that has surrounded this case, I believe that self-interest alone should lead most Americans to thank Nailah Winkfield, Jahi’s anguished mother, for her courage.

It has been amazing to see how many people think they have a right to an opinion about this child, this mother, this family and the issues in this case. Self-righteous commenters and commentators who have no firsthand knowledge of the facts or the people involved pretend they can somehow know not only what’s best for Jahi but what’s best for society in such situations. They take it upon themselves to proclaim what will relieve or prolong the family’s suffering, what will desecrate Jahi or honor her, and they feel justified in sharing it with the world in mean-spirited terms.

For the most part, those who have attacked Jahi’s family argue these simplistic, uninformed points: The family is either stupid, misled by their lawyer or trying to exploit the system. Why can’t they simply accept the doctors’ decrees? Why should they be different?

What happened to Jahi at Children’s Hospital Oakland will most likely be a matter of litigation. But if you were Jahi’s mother, would you want the doctors and hospital authorities you believed had contributed to — or even caused — your child to be declared “brain dead” making final decisions about her?

Over my legal objections, Nailah Winkfield was cruelly made to go to the Alameda County Registrar of Births and Death to get a “death certificate” in order to move Jahi out of the hospital to a site where she could receive care. It required the intervention of the coroner because, at first, even the official at the agency didn’t want to issue the certificate — after all, Jahi was connected to a ventilator and her heart was still beating.

Those who condemn Jahi’s family appear to have no idea that doctor-decreed “brain death” is not sufficient as a declaration of death everywhere in the United States.

In New Jersey and New York, for example, there is accommodation for those who do not accept “brain death” as the appropriate criterion. According to New Jersey law, “the death of an individual shall not be declared upon the basis of neurological criteria … when such a declaration would violate the personal religious beliefs or moral convictions of that individual.” The McMath family’s position isn’t ridiculous or unheard of. There would have been no legal battle if Jahi had had her tonsils out in New Jersey.

And the rush to abrogate Nailah and Jahi’s constitutional rights is as reprehensible as the widespread ignorance about the limits of “brain death.” These rights include the 1st Amendment right to freedom of expression of religion, and the 4th and 14th amendment rights to privacy and personal liberty.

Those who attack Nailah’s decision and who are “pro-choice” on the issue of abortion should think hard about the fallout from their insistence that the family’s personal and private decision about when life ends can and should be overridden by doctors or the state. The same rights that support the choice made by Nailah also support contraceptive rights and abortion rights.

Nailah has eloquently made her own case: “That’s my daughter; I love her,” she told me. “As long as she is fighting, and God has her heart beating, I will fight with and for her. She needs some time, God needs some time; I’ve seen what medicine has done, now I want to see what God can do.”

Nailah’s fight is the fight of a loving mother for her child. It is a fight for privacy in the making of a medical decision. It is a fight for a strongly held belief in the miracles and mercy promised by the Bible.

If any among her critics share her faith, how could they call her ignorant or ridiculous for actually believing in the power and mercy of God? If they would have made a different decision, then right-on, they are Americans and they get to make their own choice.

Jahi McMath’s family are brave, loving, honorable hardworking people. They are not fools. They know the odds. They want time, free from the threats of the hospital to pull the plug. They want Jahi to be somewhere where people care for her and do not call her “the body.”

Trust me, they will happily disappear from the public spotlight — if you will let them.

Christopher Dolan is an attorney in private practice in San Francisco and Oakland.

Copyright © 2014, Los Angeles Times


Apparently the people (Some are respected Drs who specialize in Neurology and medical ethics, others are nurses who have worked in an ICU for years) who think it’s cruel to leave this 13-year old brain dead child on machines are “Self-righteous?” Chris Dolan get that ego in check sir. No one said the family is stupid. They are mis-lead by people like you, The Shivo family, and Dr. Paul Bryne. You guys keep the hope alive that somehow Jahi will suddenly wake up. It’s safe to say, she never will. My question for you is how do you feel getting famous off the suffering and grief of Jahi’s family?

The Family of #JahiMcMath expecting a Miracle?

We know Jahi Mcmath’s family believes she’ll suddenly wake up and God will heal her, but are they expecting a resurrection? I came across a tweet from Jahi’s uncle which made me wonder- They have to accept she’s dead if they expect a resurrection.


Romans 8:11 talks about the resurrection of Christ. I’m just sayin.

Meanwhile Chris Dolan, lawyer continues to be an attention whore-


Teen Burned In Hate Crime Returns Home In Time For Thanksgiving


Photo via Fleischman Family

KTVU and Wires

OAKLAND, Calif. — After spending weeks in the hospital, the 18-year old Oakland teen that was set on fire on an AC Transit bus came home Wednesday just in time for Thanksgiving.

“It’s a wonderful treat except that I have to start cooking again,” joked Sasha Fleishman’s mother Debbie Crandall.

The teen, who does not identify as male or female, is referred to as “they” by close friends rather than he or she.  Sasha’s birth name is Luke.

Sasha Speaks to the Media for the First Time

On November 4th, Fleischman was riding on an AC Transit bus when he was attacked while asleep.  The teen was wearing a skirt when a 16-year Richard Thomas allegedly set the skirt on fire leaving Fleischman with severe burns on his legs.

Police say Thomas admitted to being homophobic but Defense Attorney William Debois denies his teenage client is homophobic.  Debois does concede video on the bus shows his client was responsible for the attack.

“The security footage from the bus makes that very clear.  There is no question about who is responsible in this case.  The question is under what circumstances and with what motivation he is responsible,” said Dubois on Tuesday.

Thomas has been charged as an adult and Dubois is trying to get the case moved back down to the juvenile court system.  A move Sasha Fleischman’s family supports.

“We would say, on principal, that we would think that a 16-year-old should be tried in juvenile court,” said father Karl Fleischman.
The family adds that they don’t know all the facts that led to the adult charges.

“We’re just hoping that something good will come of this,” Crandall said Wednesday.  “That this kind of intolerance that people will realize you can wear unusual clothing and it doesn’t mean you have a right to attack them.”

Original Story

Hate-crime charges for boy in Oakland bus attack #Oakland


Prosecutors filed hate-crime charges against a 16-year-old boy Thursday, saying he set aflame the skirt of a teenage gender-identity activist while the victim was asleep on a bus in Oakland, then admitted to police that he had started the fire because he was “homophobic.”

Richard Thomas of Oakland was charged as an adult with aggravated mayhem, assault and hate-crime enhancements in connection with Monday’s attack on Luke Fleischman, 18, whose legs were severely burned.

After Thomas made a brief afternoon appearance in an Oakland courtroom, where he did not enter a plea, his mother apologized and expressed sympathy for Fleischman. She said her son regretted his actions and wanted to write an apology letter to Fleischman.

“My son is not a hateful person,” said Thomas’ mother, who would identify herself only as Ms. Jackson. “He’s not homophobic. He’s a kid. Kids joke around. I think he will learn his lesson. He’s very remorseful. I’m sorry for it.”

Fleischman, an Oakland resident who attends Maybeck High School in Berkeley, goes by the name Sasha. The teenager was born male but has declined in the past to identify as male or female, instead preferring the term “genderqueer.”

Fleischman has sought legal recognition for “non-binary” gender, and launched an online petition hoping to draw President Obama’s attention to the issue.

The high schooler was being treated Thursday at St. Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco, which specializes in treating burns. A relative said a series of surgeries on second- and third-degree burns began Wednesday.

“Richard Thomas’ violent and senseless criminal conduct resulted in severe and traumatic injuries to a young and entirely innocent victim,” Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley said after her office filed the charges. “The intentional and callous nature of the crime is shocking and will not be tolerated in our community.”

Thomas used a lighter to set the sleeping victim’s skirt on fire, authorities said. At the time, the AC Transit bus was on MacArthur Boulevard near Ardley Avenue, just blocks from Fleischman’s home in Oakland’s Glenview neighborhood.

Thomas, a junior at nearby Oakland High School, was identified with the help of witnesses and video surveillance, police said. After he was picked up, he told police “he did it because he was homophobic,” Oakland police Officer Anwawn Jones wrote in a court affidavit.

Thomas was being held Thursday without bail at the Juvenile Justice Center in San Leandro.

Henry K. Lee is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. E-mail: hlee@sfchronicle.com Twitter: @henryklee


Oakland Father Continues To Search For His Daughter


OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) — The search continues for a missing toddler in Oakland whose father says was abducted from the family’s car.

On Saturday, 49-year-old Anthony Webb returned to the area where he says his daughter was abducted on Wednesday. He was looking for clues and talking to people in the neighborhood.


#AMBERALERT 21-Month Old Kidnapped This Morning


OAKLAND (KRON) — An Amber Alert is in effect after a 21-month old girl was abducted Wednesday morning in Oakland.

Investigators say Daphne Viola Webb was taken from a vehicle parked in front of Gazali’s liquor store at 7838 International Blvd near 79th Avenue. The little girl was wearing orange pajamas with pink hearts. She has black hair and brown eyes.

Authorities say the kidnapper’s identity remains unknown. She is described as a light-skinned African-American woman. Police do not have any information about a vehicle the abductor may be driving in this case.

If you know anything about this case, contact Oakland police or your local authorities.

Stay tuned to KRON 4 and KRON4.com for the latest on this developing story.


Why is Mayor Quan Traveling To Washington D.C.?

With so much violence going on in Oakland, California, why is Mayor Jean Quan attending President Obama’s Inaguration?


One day after Mayor Jean Quan declared Oakland was in an “ongoing state of emergency” she jetted off to Washington D.C. where she will be attending President Obama’s Inaguration.
The trip includes a meeting with The US Conference of Mayors (SF Mayor Ed Lee will also be in attendence) plus the festivities leading up to President Obama’s swearing in.

She said she hopes to gain more assistance from the Federal Government to assist Oakland with its ongoing violence. (15 shot in one weekend)

A minister said it best: “Wow, the city is on fire and she’s going to Washington,” Bishop
Robert Jackson of the Acts Full Gospel Church, said. “I don’t know what good it will do meeting with people unless you have a plan, and anyone can see the city doesn’t
have one.”

Mayor Quan has said they looked into declaring a state of emergency, but Oakland didn’t qualify.

“We have been acting as if it was a state of emergency for a while,”
Quan said later at the East
Oakland news conference. “Each time I have asked the governor
for additional Highway Patrol support, he has given it to us.”

That’s fine and all Mayor, meanwhile Oakland violence seems to be increasing.

Mayoral spokesman Sean
Maher said Quan hoped to have conversations in D.C. with federal officials to explore how the city
could “partner up” with them (Federal Government) on the
crime problem.
Maher, however, said he didn’t know what meetings the mayor
had scheduled.

Sounds fishy…


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