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Ky Anonymous: How Much Money is Enough?

Ky Anonymous has raised 53k for his legal defense, who knows how much for personal bills, and recently started a fund to start his own business. Now, he and his long-time girlfriend have split up so he needs $800.00 to get his own apartment despite having a job.



Where do we draw the line? Normal people struggle everyday, but they don’t use Anonymous and a rape victim to fund their lives.

Ky Anonymous is yet to be charged with any crimes despite what he and his former attorney had said about being charged a month in a half ago.

He loses supporters for this reason: He attacks people who ask him about the misinformation he spreads, and continues to use Steubenville and Anonymous to beg for money.

@Nunyaman——Chapter 5: Medical Records and Blackburn Jackassery


Before she went to sleep, Amanda rolled over and kissed me. “We’re going to do amazing things together.” she said and rolled back over. “You’re damn right babe.” I replied and I kissed her good night one more time and telling her I hoped she felt better tomorrow.


Rally In Steubenville “For The Youth”

A rally was held on Saturday in Steubenville. Listen to the language- Is this against violence or inciting violence?
Seems to me this “rally” was a “rally against Anonymous.”

Now a REAL rally for Steubenville is being organized.
Feb. 2nd at Noon in front of The Jefferson County Courthouse.
Wear The Big Red colors. Its a celebration for the good and hard working people of Steubenville.


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