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Oh Murt! The Politics Of Blogging!



Murt’s once again jumping into something he knows nothing about.

Radio and a few others on both sides are requesting Local Leaks either be removed or it’s rumors/mistakes be corrected.
Why? Well simply put Local Leaks has the names of innocent minors all over it.
(I’m using initals instead of names of these kids because it has been proven they were falsely accused)

M.S.- Accused of encouraging JD to go out to the first party out of revenge for a break up. It has now been proven she wasn’t in Ohio at the time. She was at a family reunion.

C.K.- Accused falsely because he’s the son of Jane Hanlin.

M.N.- Accused of participating. He might be a douche bag for making that video, but he was not present during the rape. He heard it second hand.

C.S.- Accused of setting J.D. up because she broke up with him.
He took the picture that night of Jane Doe and put it on Instagram, however there is no proof he participated in the rape. There was no “backroom deal” and no charges were filed against him.

Was there a cover up by Steubenville police Department and Jefferson County? Only time will tell. No one has ever come up with solid proof to confirm this.

Jane Hanlin- All I’m going to say about Jane is when she figured out there would be a conflict of interest, she requested The Ohio A.G’s office step in. Good idea.

I could go on and on.

Radio is attempting to do the right thing by getting it taken down. If it stays up it can affect the future of innocent people.

I wonder Murt, are you ok with keeping Local Leaks up?

Radio may not be successful getting this done. There’s a difference between posting false accusations on innocent young adults and using your right to free speech.

Why not be productive Murt and encourage it’s removal?


Statement on #Steubenville City Manager



WTRF.com has learned Steubenville Council will meet in executive session Tuesday at 6:30 to  discuss the fate of the city manager.

Sources are telling 7 News and wtrf.com that Cathy Davison’s future will be discussed.

Law Director Gary Repella is expected to then give a statement on Davison at the Tuesday night council meeting.

On Friday, sources said Davison was asked to resign or be terminated from her position.

She just began working on her second three year contract .

Davison has served as Steubenville’s City Manager since 2010.




Update- Cathy Davison chose to resign.

Davison released a statement saying:
“I tendered my resignation effective immediately. After months of trying to move the City forward, it has become apparent that city council and I do not have the same vision for the City of Steubenville.”


All The Internet Hatred- Have People Forgotten The Victim?


In the last few days I’ve watched a soap opera unfold on Radio Newz– The Stand Up For Steubenville crowd vs. Steve and Sam.

Have we forgotten the victim?

Question of motives have been thrown around and then there’s the infamous “Mammabear” who some claim is Sam herself. Why is this important? “Mamabear” was a commenter on Prinnie’s blog, and since she’ll most likely never tell who mamabear actually is, why are we dwelling on it?

I’m on no one’s side really. I just think the childish soap opera is loosing the real purpose. We all came together for a rape victim.

How about we do something to help Steubenville heal? Bring a positive light on the good people of Steubenville?

Some ideas- Outreach for rape victims, educate our children on the consequences of drinking, or maybe do some fundraising for RAIN or a women’s shelter

Finger pointing, and attacking accomplish nothing.

Steubenville is a small town. Sure it has small town politics, but that is for the citizens of Steubenville and in general Jefferson County to change not outsiders.

I will always say this- a few bad apples doesn’t make the entire town bad. Yes, Steubenville has a crime problem, but lots of cities and towns in America do.

Think about it before you decide to continue the hate. I’m speaking to ALL parties. Not just one or the other.

#DevelopingStory Cathy Davison #Stuebenville City Manager Is Unemployed?


Cathy Davison who was City Manager of Steubenville, Ohio is out of a job according to WTOV9. City Attorneys have “No Comment,” however it is being reported last night she was told to resign or be fired.

Steubenville has been in the news quite a bit lately because of The Big Red Rape Case. The trial ended with the conviction of 2 juveniles on rape and possession of underage pornographic material of the victim.

There is also a Grand Jury investigation currently in the process of determining if more people involved committed crimes, including fame coach Reno Saccoccia.

From WTOV9 Story Developing-


Steubenville City Law Director Gary Repella is not commenting on the status of City Manager Cathy Davison, although numerous sources tell NEWS9 that she has been given the option of resigning or being terminated and that the city is waiting for her decision before commenting.

Repella told NEWS9 the city may have a comment “in a few days.”

NEWS9 has called all members of Steubenville City Council and several members of the city administration. All questions were referred to Repella.

Calls to Davison’s cell phone were not returned as of 5 p.m. Friday. Calls to Davison’s published home number triggered a recording that stated the number was no longer in service. NEWS9 visited Davison’s home and no one answered the door.

Davison was seen Friday morning singing at the Police Memorial Week observances at Historic Fort Steuben. Sources at City Hall told NEWS9 her office appeared to have been cleaned out.

There was an executive session of council Thursday night dealing with personnel matters.

It has been a turbulent few weeks at City Hall. The Fraternal Order of Police called out city officials, blaming a rise in crime on an understaffed police department. Davison also made a controversial comment about crime control in an exclusive sit-down interview with NEWS9’s Eric Minor.

During that April 24 interview, Minor asked if the National Guard was an option in the city. Davison said, “Oh, absolutely. It is an option and that’s part of the conversation we’re having with City Council and the governor. If that’s what step we need to take to get people out of our city, can we utilize it?”

This week, the administration made a controversial call to close the Pleasant Heights Fire Station and lay off two firefighters.

As of Friday afternoon, the City of Steubenville’s website still listed Davison as city manager and NEWS9 received her regular city manager’s report called “Cathy’s Chats.”

Her report opened with a quote from American author Maria Robinson that read, “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Stay with NEWS9 and WTOV9.com for continuing coverage.

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