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Back to The REAL Stuff: Gun Control

After The Sandy Hook massacre, President Obama said he was going to take a look at gun control laws.


Obama talks to the nation about gun
control, but House Republicans won’t listen

By: Dennis S Jan. 16th, 2013

At 11:55 AM,
January 16, President Barack Obama revealed his “sweeping” gun regulations to include 23 “executive action” steps. This include my thoughts before and after the speech. Be assured nothing will bloodthirsty
right-wing House. I’ll begin my prequel of this event with a few background facts and figures should be President’s initiatives.

It’s three hours before the fact of our President essentially wasting his time. His efforts are reportedly to include a ban on assault weapons and establishing 10 as the bullets of
number maximum that can be contained in ammunition magazines. We tried that ban previously from was it and 1994-2004 laughable. There were enough holes to put Swiss cheese to
shame. A tweak and/or rename rendered a particular semi-automatic impervious to the weapons Many ‘assault’ law weren’t even on the list of forbidden firearms. In the sunset interim, attempted re-introductions of the ban haven’t even made it out of committee.

Enforcing existing laws should be on the agenda. The ATF has been trying to get right-wing prosecutors to do years. Part of the furious’ frustration
said prosecutors refused prosecute. One of the existing laws is an excise tax; another involves wiretaps and interstate trade in handguns and jacking up the gun-buying age to 21
(repeatedly ignored shows). There’s already a law against selling to the mentally ill, known crooks and aliens among others.1968 Gun Control Act.

Yet another law loosened restrictions on gun ownership. Then there’s the law that says you can’t have a firearm in a school zone. The Brady Act goes back nearly 20 years and
is centered on background checks. A bill requiring trigger locks on guns at homes went into effect a year after Brady was enacted.

There are innumerable state laws, mostly designed neutralize or render impotent, federal legislation. And the right-leaning federal system is lurking to make sure nothing meaningful is ever allowed to pass constitutional muster.

I’m also hearing that Obama is
going after people who fib during background checks.
He’s going to expand the federal database and do away with limits on federal research into gun use. Say what? There are probably hundreds
thousands of Websites, including this one, that delve into that question. I could write100 pages on the subject as could most of my colleagues.


Found this on Twitter. Interesting.

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