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Op Take Back The Ville=EPIC FAIL


Well well well, the person who initiated Op Take Back The Ville has deleted her youtube, twitter and blog. Is this because she was not prepared for the negative feedback she would get when she stepped in the spotlight?

Nicole Lamantia burst into the steubenville case claiming she wanted to “clear up false claims.” Rumor is she was pressured into it by no other than Lee Stranahan.

She made a video (deleted) and discussed it on her twitter account. (Also deleted) Then created a blog, which had one entry bashing Prinnie. (Deleted and replaced by another blog titled ” Support Steubenville Blog”) Was she prepared for the feedback she would get by doing all that?

Rumors on Twitter fly. Her family was attacked, she was encouraged to jump in by Lee Stranahan and others.

Another rumor floated. She claims to stand up for a young girl falsely accused of being there, but was in another state. That young girl (no name disclosure because she’s a minor) is somehow related to the Lamantia family. True? I don’t know.

I declare Op Take Back The Ville a failure.

In Another Asswipe move, Nicole and her buddy Jackie Sacripanti are behind 2 petitions against Prinnie, and Local Leaks.

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