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Don Carpenter @nunyaman Speaks Out


Don Carpenter has recently been put on blast all over Twitter for releasing Jane Doe’s medical records during The Big Red Rape trial. (ALL of her personal info was redacted) The name of the employee who leaked them was also put on blast and the employee was fired. (I will not say her name)

Don has now come out of the dark and is giving new light on the motives of The Blackburn Sisters. It is obvious they are behind these new attacks on Don and anyone else who is associated with “Hipaagate.”


Exploit Steubenville?


Don Confirming BOTH Blackburn sister’s have criminal records.

 These comments were found on RadioNewz.net.



All The Internet Hatred- Have People Forgotten The Victim?


In the last few days I’ve watched a soap opera unfold on Radio Newz– The Stand Up For Steubenville crowd vs. Steve and Sam.

Have we forgotten the victim?

Question of motives have been thrown around and then there’s the infamous “Mammabear” who some claim is Sam herself. Why is this important? “Mamabear” was a commenter on Prinnie’s blog, and since she’ll most likely never tell who mamabear actually is, why are we dwelling on it?

I’m on no one’s side really. I just think the childish soap opera is loosing the real purpose. We all came together for a rape victim.

How about we do something to help Steubenville heal? Bring a positive light on the good people of Steubenville?

Some ideas- Outreach for rape victims, educate our children on the consequences of drinking, or maybe do some fundraising for RAIN or a women’s shelter

Finger pointing, and attacking accomplish nothing.

Steubenville is a small town. Sure it has small town politics, but that is for the citizens of Steubenville and in general Jefferson County to change not outsiders.

I will always say this- a few bad apples doesn’t make the entire town bad. Yes, Steubenville has a crime problem, but lots of cities and towns in America do.

Think about it before you decide to continue the hate. I’m speaking to ALL parties. Not just one or the other.

The Funniest Thing From A Sad, Insane Man

All day Murt aka Murtwitnessone has gone back and forth claiming a couple comments posted on Radionewz.net wasn’t from Holly Briley’s stalker Brianne ChantalEven after proof was posted and Holly had a conversation “Roger’s Cable” Murt still claims Holly posted the comments in Brianne’s name. The only proof he’s actually posted is…well none. He claims with “WordPress” you can alter ip addresses. I can confirm you cannot. Any sane person can tell you this.

Roger’s Cable does not service the U.S. so it is actually impossible for Holly to use it to alter her ip.




This is a copy of the email radionewz receives when someone comments on her blog.

Face it Murt, your girlfriend betrayed you. SHE made the comments. YOU are wrong…and insane!

 Photos from Radionewz.net  

LEVI PAGE- Troll William Murtaugh uses murdered child Haleigh Cummings as a pawn in internet foolery!@Murtwitnessone

By- Levi Page

William Murtaugh a/k/a Murt, is no stranger to the internet true crime world. He is a known troll that is banned from crime forums such as Websleuths, and InSession. Murt started blogging during the 2006 case of missing Florida child Trenton Duckett and ever since then he has been engaging in sleazy behavior. What is most disgusting about Murt is that he often uses missing and murdered children and inserts himself into their case in order to get attention.

While blogging on the Trenton Duckett case, Murt used disgusting, attention seeking antics. Murt would show up on several blogs and forums claiming that on a certain date something “big” was going to happen. He made it seem like he was close to law enforcement and had inside sources. He would even “count down” the days… Well his bombshell turned out to be a dud and nothing happened. It was just typical sleazy Murt using a missing child case to get attention.

Now Murt is at it again. This time he is inserting himself into the case of murdered Satsuma, Florida girl Haleigh Cummings. Murt has accused a satire blogger that resides in Atlanta, GA of abducting the child. Why? Because this blogger often publishes satirical content about him.

How disgusting is that? Using a child that law enforcement says is a murder victim, and claiming a blogger that lives in a completely different state than where the child went missing, abducted her. Murt has even tweeted the FBI office in Jacksonville asking them to investigate RadioNewz.net.

This may be a game to you, but it is not a game to Haleigh’s family Murt. You have gone too far once again and are using a murdered child as a pawn in your internet drama. You are sick and disgusting and no different from John Mark

You are a troll that needs to be involuntarily committed. Get off the internet and seek psychological help, because you are in desperate need of it.

Article originally published by Levipageshow.com


I attempt to stay an anonymous blogger, but I was actually raised Mormon. I’m no longer active for various reasons.

I saw this on Radio Newz Blog and decided to share this. I find it quite funny and if its ever possible I’d love to see this genius musical.

BAH! Hilarious! #Steubenville

Found this on RadioNewz

This independent journalist hit the nail on the head!

Edit for the hater idiots
I do not find rape funny. If you look at the video it has not only the stuff about rape, but chief mcthonggy, robert kopras and HELLO the song is sung by the Chipmunks!
I don’t think this independent journalist meant for the video to be All serious.

BTW- If you go by Prinnie’s a hot mess on this blog, your commments will never be approved.
Check my rules. Comments must remain respectful. Thats bashing another blogger. Not ok here.

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