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Rally Saturday in connection with abuse case #opinnocence #Anonymous


NEW CUMBERLAND – A rally is being planned for Saturday in connection with the case of a Weirton man accused of sexually abusing a child.

Tyler M. Graham, 19, of Weirton was arrested in February for allegedly raping a 2-year-old girl in December.

The rally is being organized by members of Internet “hacktivist” group Anonymous and its supporters, and will take place at noon Saturday in front of the Hancock County Courthouse, 102 Court St. The group is protesting Graham’s reported release from prison while he awaits trial.

Graham was indicted by a Hancock County grand jury in April and faces charges of sexual assault by a custodian, sexual assault in the first degree and child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury.

The alleged incident is said to have taken place while Graham was staying at the girl’s mother’s residence in December, according to Hancock County Prosecutor Jim Davis.

Weirton police began an investigation on Feb. 8 when they were called to Weirton Medical Center on a report of possible sexual assault involving a child. Reports indicate the child had contracted a sexually transmitted disease and required surgery.

A rally also was held on March 2 after Graham was released on a $50,000 bond following initial hearings in Hancock County Magistrate Court.

PHEW! Tyler Graham At Home On GPS

After trying all morning to confirm if in fact Mr. Graham is on the run, it is now confirmed he is at an undisclosed location on GPS monitoring. This also confirms he will not have any contact with Baby Jane Doe. It is unconfirmed he is in contact with baby jane doe’s mother.

Thank You Don Carpenter aka @nunyaman for calling the Sheriff.


Do Not Forget The Rally Saturday at Noon To Support Baby Jane Doe. 


#OpInnocence Re-Engaged

Rally TBA


Anonymous Operation Innocence —- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:
May 19, 2013


Rally Planned To Support Baby Jane Doe


Tyler Graham was charged by City Police on Tuesday with raping the toddler.

Police said the child’s mother had taken her daughter to the family doctor for help with what appeared a case of diaper rash. The pediatrician, however, examined the child and referred her to a gynecologist. The mother took her daughter to a local hospital, and personnel there notified police of the suspected sexual abuse.

This Saturday at noon, local organizers, including Anonymous have organized a rally in support of this, and all victims of sexual assault.

The rally will be held at the Hancock County Courthouse in New Cumberland, WV. Victim’s advocates, concerned citizens, and Anonymous are expected to speak.

Weirton, WV is just a ten minute drive from Steubenville, OH,  where a trial is set to begin on March 13th for two teenagers, accused of raping a young girl, coincidentally from Weirton.

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The Hypocrisy Of Melissa Duprez AKA Big Bombshell Author

Melissa Duprez ranted and raved about people she calls Bully Crew questioning the credibility of Murt’s live-in girlfriend (suddenly after months of calling the Steubenville Jane Doe a whore and she deserved it because of the way she dressed) announcing she was raped.

Well scroll down a bit and what is she doing? Oh that’s right questioning the credibility of a rape victim who spoke at the Steubenville January 5th rally for Jane Doe!


Screen Shots in Order









Why Melissa Duprez I do say these are pretty hypocritical statements..doncha think?


Rally In Steubenville “For The Youth”

A rally was held on Saturday in Steubenville. Listen to the language- Is this against violence or inciting violence?
Seems to me this “rally” was a “rally against Anonymous.”

Now a REAL rally for Steubenville is being organized.
Feb. 2nd at Noon in front of The Jefferson County Courthouse.
Wear The Big Red colors. Its a celebration for the good and hard working people of Steubenville.


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