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OH HELLLLZ NO! Trent Mays Early Release?

STEUBENVILLE – An attorney representing Trent Mays, 17, of Bloomingdale said Friday he will petition a juvenile judge to release Mays early from state custody if Mays successfully completes a nine-month program for juvenile sex offenders.

In March, Mays was found delinquent of a charge of rape in connection with an incident involving an underage girl that happened last August. He also was found delinquent of illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material for having a picture of the 16-year-old victim in an outgoing text message on his cell phone. He was sentenced to a minimum of one year in a Department of Youth Services facility on each charge, with the sentences to be served consecutively.


Trent Mays Classification Hearing


Trent Mays classification hearing has just concluded.

Richmond’s hearing for today has been cancelled.

What does this mean?

As a tier II Sex Offender Trent must register with his police department as a sex offender every 180 days for 20 years, but because he was convicted as a juvenile his name and address will not appear on the “Megan’s Law” website.

#KPIX5 #California Sex Offenders Getting Approved To Work As Counselors For Vulnerable Teens


Inmates at Chino State Prison sit inside a metal cage in the hallway on December 10, 2010. (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

A state oversight report concluded that at least 23 registered sex offenders have been approved to work as drug and alcohol counselors in California over the past eight years. 

A Fresno Bee investigation concluded there was nothing in state law to prevent sex offenders and others with criminal records from becoming counselors in California, even though such roles give them direct contact with people, including teens, at their most vulnerable.


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