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Statement on #Steubenville City Manager



WTRF.com has learned Steubenville Council will meet in executive session Tuesday at 6:30 to  discuss the fate of the city manager.

Sources are telling 7 News and wtrf.com that Cathy Davison’s future will be discussed.

Law Director Gary Repella is expected to then give a statement on Davison at the Tuesday night council meeting.

On Friday, sources said Davison was asked to resign or be terminated from her position.

She just began working on her second three year contract .

Davison has served as Steubenville’s City Manager since 2010.




Update- Cathy Davison chose to resign.

Davison released a statement saying:
“I tendered my resignation effective immediately. After months of trying to move the City forward, it has become apparent that city council and I do not have the same vision for the City of Steubenville.”


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