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Facebook Page Titled “The Real Steubenville Story”

As you know, there have been people in Steubenville attempting to undermine the public and media regarding the Big Red Rape Case. I know of 2 women Jackie Sacripanti, and Nicole Lamantia who are behind this. In fact, they are not getting the real info out. Although some info I acknowledge has been false, there are facts damaging to Steubenville that certain people are just trying to cover up. 

Out pops this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Real-Steubenville-Story/497416486963713




I’ve gone through this Facebook Page (Founded on January 27,2013) Interesting because this is around the date 2 blogs started by these same people were deleted. 

  • They revisit a lawsuit dismissed and settled 2 months ago. Why revisit something that’s over? They want to trash the blogger Prinnie. 



So far, that’s really all that page has accomplished. I advise you to report this page for the slanderous material posted by those who own this page. 

UPDATE- I was just infofmed the page has been removed. I guess people can’t stand the heat.

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