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A Pastebin On The Rise and Fail of KYAnonymous


The Rise and Fail of KYAnonymous

(See also: “Preparation H”, “butthurt”, “failure”, “famefag”, “v&”)
Quote of the Moment:
“Pride goeth Before the Fail, er, Fall.”

@MichelleLMcKee Outting A Prinnie Doe?


Prinnie Doe’s beware! Prinnie went through lots of drama with lawyers and lawsuits to protect the identities of the people who were named in the lawsuit as “Doe’s.”


Well, Gotta Love The Haters Right?


I got this comment last night. Let me first say rape is NEVER funny! The video this person is talking about is the video I posted last night from another blog. Do I find parts of the video funny? Yes. Police Chief in a thong and Robert Kopras online threats are pretty funny. Not to mention the song in the video is sang by of course The Chipmunks!

EDIT Tracked the location of this troll in where else but Steubenville, Ohio


Trolls. SMDH.

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