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Tyler Graham Pleads Not Guilty #OpInnocence


The trial of the man accused of giving a two-year-old and STD began on Monday.

Tyler Graham is facing trial in Hancock County and is facing three counts: sexual assault, sexual abuse by custodian, and child abuse resulting in serious injury.

He plead not guilty to all three.

A public outcry was heard in the case when Graham was granted bail when the case first broke in February. A rally was held by the group Anonymous in Hancock County in support of the victim in the case, who was referred to as “Baby Jane.”

At the rally, money was collected to donate to the Comfort House in Weirton, which is part of the Hancock and Brooke Counties Child Advocacy Center.

In March, Graham was taken into custody after it was revealed he violated his bond by being in the vicinity of the victim’s house. According to the victim’s mother and grandfather, they saw Graham’s car pull up next to their house. The next day, the victim’s mother filed for a protective order.


#Opinnocence Over?


Hopefully no more rallies will be necessary for this Op.

Thank you to all those who stood up for Baby Jane Doe and her family.


Photo Taken By @_celticfool_

PHEW! Tyler Graham At Home On GPS

After trying all morning to confirm if in fact Mr. Graham is on the run, it is now confirmed he is at an undisclosed location on GPS monitoring. This also confirms he will not have any contact with Baby Jane Doe. It is unconfirmed he is in contact with baby jane doe’s mother.

Thank You Don Carpenter aka @nunyaman for calling the Sheriff.


Do Not Forget The Rally Saturday at Noon To Support Baby Jane Doe. 


Is Tyler Graham On The Run?



#Opinnocence Rally will be Saturday at Noon. Attend and support Baby Jane Doe. 


#OpInnocence Rally Date Set

Anonymous Operation Innocence —- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:
Press Release 2 and Rally Information
May 22, 2013

Greetings. On Saturday, June 1, 2013 at high noon, Anonymous will host a rally at the Hancock County Courthouse, 102 Court St New Cumberland, West Virginia in support of Baby Jane Doe and the good citizens of the Ohio Valley. Anonymous is deeply troubled by the release of alleged baby rapist Tyler Graham. All citizens should feel the same way. Will it be allowed to continue with no outcry? No, it will not.


The indecency of People


While reading an article on The Big Red Rape Case I noticed a Facebook entry by Deidre Myers.

screen shot courtesy of Busted Bitches and Internet Stalkers

It’s very unfortunate to see another woman calling into question the rape of a passed out girl.
Saying the girl is a “train whore” who “parties every weekend.” How “stupid she was for partying alone.”

My Question is why would a woman with kids degrade a 15 year old girl who was raped?

Its been established she was drunk, passed out and also estsblished by the 12 min video, pictures and Tweets the boys found nothing wrong with what they did.

This culture of blaming victims needs to end.

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