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The story of Justina Pelletier a sick 15-year-old teenager removed from her parents custody by Boston Children’s Hospital/DCF is heartbreaking, but is she the first child they have done this to?

I came across this article claiming they have done the same thing to another family with a sick child being treated at Boston Children’s Hospital, the same hospital Justina was being treated at.

Here’s a Snipped part of it-

My name is Kathleen McClung, I am from Fairmont WV, and my 8 year old son was taken by DCF March 20th, 2013. He is being put up for adoption.

My trial begins April 7th in Lowell, MA.

I took my son, February 1st [2013] to Boston Children’s Hospital, as a renal (kidney) failure patient. We came from a wonderful hospital in Pittsburgh, to be near family when we ended up homeless last year.

Our doctor,  in Pittsburgh spoke out for us, when we were accused of medical neglect in less than 50 days under the care of Boston Children’s Hospital Nephrology. The day they took my son, the ER doctor documented that by son was medically stable and well.

The following day they went to the Lowell juvenile court, and started my son was in life threatening medical crisis, asking with a four page affidavit, stating I failed to give my son life sustaining treatment daily (which I proved by the machines log he did receive), of not maintaining a renal diet, which had since been proven I did. And not giving my son his medication, of being RUDE & BELLIGERENT, and Aggressive.

October 2 the changed the goal to adoption, without cause.

June 6 after the months in isolation on 10 south in children’s hospital Boston, they moved my then seven year old son to their locked psych unit Bater 5, where he stayed until Oct 29th when he was moved into pre adoptive placement with the foster family in Boston.

I have had parenting, pysch, and drug evals proving I am fit, as has my husband, shortly after the d cf worker threatened my daughter we moved to Nashua NH or[sp, out] of their reach, living with my uncle.

I am asking for help, so much has happened in this year so many abuses towards my son and family and i can not seem to get anyone to listen. The hospital started they will refuse my son a life saving treatment if he returns to me, a kidney transplant.

But if he stays in dcf custody the heart damage and mental abuse he has received under their care is going to be the least of it. I am afraid, i want my son home he wants to be home.

We have done nothing wrong but come to Boston please please help my family. No one else will.

The Entire Article Here

Note- Good News For Justina and Her Family

Show Support For #BryanStow


Pic: support4bryanstow.com

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard about the beating of Bryan Stow.

Bryan, a Paramedic with AMR, a father of two young kids, and an overall good guy who wouldn’t harm a fly just wanted to see the opening game of his favorite baseball team, and because he wore a Giants shirt, he was almost killed in the most cowardly way possible; A sucker punch to the back of the head, and after was kicked and beaten as he lay on the ground.

His life was forever changed on that fateful day. The 2 guys who did this, both already convicted felons, were caught and charged. It’s unfortunute these two were not charged with attempted murder, but instead Louie Sanchez plead guilty to felony mayhem, recieved  8 years and Marvin Norwood four years for felony assault. Norwood also faces Federal Firearm Charges.

In fact Norwood, known for his temper alleged wife beater, walked out of L.A. County Jail on Friday, but was quickly arrested by the Feds. He faces 10 years in Federal Prison. Sanchez, also a convicted felon, will serve time in State Prison.

Sanchez and Norwood, natives of Rialto, Ca both have kids around the ages of Bryan’s 2 kids who still struggle to understand why their dad will never be the same dad they both knew.


Pic: Support4brianstow.com

Bryan’s medical costs are mounting, and with his insurance limiting his therapies, they also thought he no longer needed a 24-hour care facility. His family has become his primary caregivers. He now lives with his parents in Capitola.

The San Francisco Giants have been so great to this family, visiting Bryan in the hospital, rehab facilities, and at his parents home, organized fundraisers, and his son Tyler threw out the opening pitch at a home game in 2012. Proceeds of ticket sales that day went to a fund for his mounting medical costs. Bryan also attended a World Series game against The Detroit Lions, which according to his family, he loved.

A recent update on Support4BryanStow.com
We recently shaved  Bryan’s head and it was shocking to see the damage to his skull. Seeing him stare at himself in the mirror was heartbreaking. Watching him touch the shunt that protrudes on the right side of his skull, the slightly sunken in left side and all the deep scars was heartbreaking. We tried to make light of it and told him that no one else would still be that good looking. Of course he agreed! We have mentioned it a million times, but his sense of humor is what keeps us all going.”

His medical costs are estimated to be 50 Million dollars in his lifetime. The family does have a pending lawsuit against The Dodgers and ex-owner, but still need any help they can get. Make any donation, and help this family continue to care for Bryan, and his kids. Here’s Ways To Donate

Bonds & Stow PSA

You can also send letters and cards of support-
P.O. Box 884 Capitola, CA 95010

I received a long ranting, weird to say the least, comment about Catherine Fitzpatrick. I haven’t really read any of Catherine’s blog posts or any of her Russia conspiracy theories as of late. Frankly reading Catherine’s rants just give me a headache. Apparently, Catherine is part of some big argument over Edward Snowden. I’m posting this comment mainly because making heads or tails of this latest beef is just strange and confusing.  It’s long and in the middle of it I got a big migraine. 




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pic via CNN

pic via CNN


Released By her uncle Omari Sealey Today


Image: Tulsa Police Department

Casey E. Meyering of Tulsa was arrested and charged with five felony counts stemming from allegedly blackmailing women to have their nude and sexually explicit photographs removed from his former website Winbystate.com.

Kamala D. Harris, California State Attorney General announced his arrest of Meyering, the website owner and operator on Feb 15th according to The LA Times.

The press release from Attorney General stated Meyering “facilitated the posting of more than 400 sexually explicit photos of Californians and extorted victims for as much as $250 each to remove the illicit content.”

Meyering encouraged men in various states to “post pictures of women they use to date or former girlfriends.” The images on such revenge porn sites come from men who submit sexually explicit images of former girlfriends after they break up.

“This behavior is the very definition of predatory and this website made a game out of humiliating victims for profit,” Attorney General Harris said.

Women who wanted their images removed were required to pay $250 dollars to a bogus account traced back to Meyering.

The law enforcement agencies involved in this arrest include Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety, the Tulsa Police Department, and the California Attorney General eCrime Unit.

Meyering was arrested in Tulsa and is now resisting his extradition back to California where he was charged.





Court Documents against Ryan Scott Warner who allegedly murdered Kayleigh Slusher.



The entire document is here Kron 4 News


Pic: Napa Valley Register

Sign This Petition

Memorial contributions may be made to

COPE Family Center, 1340 Fourth St., Napa CA 94558


The Law Enforcement Chaplaincy of Napa California, LECNC PO Box 2022, Napa, CA 94558.

There are also 2 Facebook Pages Dedicated to Kayleigh

Napas Angel Kayleigh Jayne Slusher (Ran by her family.)

For The Love of Kayleigh Slusher (Run by an outside party)

Her Obituary

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